Chlorinated Paraffin

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Chlorinated Paraffin

CAS No63449-39-8;106232-86-4       EINECS No:264-150-0

Molecular Formula C24H44Cl6       545.3242

Density: 1.101g/cm3                            The boiling point:601.7°C at 760 mmHg

Melting point:  298.4°C                   vapour pressure  8.52E-14mmHg at 25°C

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Chlorinated paraffins, also known as chlorinated hydrocarbons, are the chlorinated products of paraffin hydrocarbons.  There are three kinds of chlorinated paraffin-42, 52 and 70 according to their chlorine content.

Among the chlorinated paraffins, chlorinated paraffin-52 is the most widely used, which is a mixture of chlorinated paraffins prepared by chlorination reaction with 95% liquid paraffins containing straight n-alkanes as raw materials.  There are different types of products according to how much chlorine they contain.

For example, using liquid paraffins with an average carbon chain number of 12 or 15 as raw materials, the product containing 52%±2% chlorine is called “chlorinated paraffin-52″.  Cp in English (such as cp42, CP52 and CP70), China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of chlorinated paraffins.

Physical Properties Chlorinated paraffin 52# Pale yellow viscous liquid,Chlorinated paraffin 70# White or light yellow resinous powder.

product usage 52# Chlorinated paraffins as low-cost auxiliary plasticizers for PVC;  Used as a plasticizer and flame retardant, widely used in cables;  It is mainly used for flame retardant of plastic and rubber, waterproof and fire retardant additive of fabric, additive of paint,ink and pressure resistant lubricating oil.

70# chlorinated paraffins have good flame retardancy, chemical resistance, melting resistance, aging resistance and thermal stability, and are mainly used in high pressure lubricating oil and metal processing cutting additives, plasticizers, flame retardants, insect repellents and so on.

Packing specification :250kg/ drum (52# chlorinated paraffin);  25kg/bag (70# chlorinated paraffins)  also according to you packing details .

Chlorinated paraffin Basic information 
Product Name: Chlorinated paraffin
CAS: 106232-86-4
MF: C24H44Cl6
MW: 0
EINECS: 264-150-0
Chlorinated paraffin Chemical Properties 
density 1.16
FreezingPoint -30℃
CAS DataBase Reference 106232-86-4
Items Specification
Appearance pale yellow to yellow oily viscous liquid
Freezing point < -20  ° C
Density 1.22-1.26
Assay% 50+/- 2
Thermal stability index 175C, 4h chlorine nitrogen (10L / h) HCL%  ≤ 0.1
Conclusion Accords with the enterprise standard

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